About Body Piercing

Body piercings are especially popular among teenagers and young adults.
They are all fairly safe procedures, as long as they’re performed by a licensed specialist and you take care not to get the hole infected.


How body piercing is carried out 

Body piercing is done with a hollow needle by a professional body piercer. The needle is pushed through the skin and tissue of the actual body part.

You’ll normally feel a quick, sharp sting while the skin is being pierced.

Before carrying out a body piercing, the piercer will explain to you any complications that may arise and answer any of your questions.

You’ll usually need to sign a consent form to confirm that you wish to go ahead. Children under 16 may need to have a parent or guardian with them.

The skin is disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution and allowed to dry before it’s pierced. The piercing equipments are sterile.

Piercings are available through bookings or walk ins.


Body Piercing – environment 

Before having your piercing, you can make sure there are not any potential health risks at Wallington Tattoo & Piercing studio.

  • Our piercer uses a clean pair of disposable surgical gloves for each customer.
  • Our piercer wash his/her hands regularly and use disposable paper towels to dry them.
  • The tattoo & piercing studio clean throughout including the floor.
  • Our piercer uses single-use needles and discard them after each piercing.
  • The instruments kept in sealed packaging ready for use.
  • Every jewelleries been pre-sterilised.
  • If the piercer is piercing just one earlobe by gun, he/she will take the earring from an unopened, presterilised pack.
  • Our piercer wears clean, practical clothing, with long hair tied back.
  • Our piercer covered any cuts or wounds on his/her hands with waterproof dressings.
  • Our piercer use appropriate jewellery for the type of piercing.
  • The jewellery made of non-nickel metal. Surgical steel or Titanium.
  • Our piercer have a clear policy regarding age restrictions and parental consent.
  • The piercing area is in a no-smoking zone.
  •  Animals are kept well away from the piercing area.

If you’re taking medication, have heart disease or any other medical condition and are in doubt, talk to your GP about the risks before getting a piercing.


If you have any question about body piercing procedures at Wallington Tattoo & Piercing studio please contact us!